Friday, February 29, 2008

HOW TO: Scrub Your Kicks And Keep Em Clean!

So you wanna know how to keep your kicks mad shinny huh? Well me being OCD about my sneakers, i have really developed a ritual and process to cleaning shoes. Just like my car, i have to have them perfectly clean or i just hate rocking em. I'm gonna lay out for you, two ways in which you can attack this cleaning problem. First, if you have a little cheddah in your pocket, i will let you know the best chemicles in the business to get the job done. If you spend most your money on sneakers like me, then i got a home cleaning kit for those with "smaller" budgets too, so lets get started.


If you want to be high class about cleaning your shoes then you will need to own the kit from Jason Markk. The kit contains everything you need to keep your kicks in tip-top shape, plus the "formula" is gentle for your sneakers. If your rocking suede or knubuck, I recommend using TANA: Suede & Knubuck Shampoo, this stuff is great at bringing life back to your material. Don't forget that just like your skin, when you scrub down suede or knubuck, you must moisturize to bring back the color. I recommend using TANA Rain guard.


Now if you got bad habits and like to spend your cash else where, this is a cleaning guide for under $10, and trust me it works almost as well as the "big boys" kits. First head to your local shoe shop and get a simple cleaning formula for sneakers. On your way home stop off at the grocery store, get a tooth-brush, and a MR Clean Magic Eraser, go home. The Magic Eraser and just water works well with light dirt and even minor scuffs. If you have some heavier grit, try using the shoe cleaner but use the tooth-brush you picked up. The Scrubs that come with the cleaners are very hard plastic and are brutal for your sneakers. If your sneaks haven't been cleaned in a great while, combine the tooth-brush and Magic Eraser with the cleaning solution, this should get everything off the shoe. If this fails, then dude i have no clue what you been steppin in. If your looking to get in to the small tiny nooks all over your sneaker, look no further than a tooth-pick, very cheap and works really well.

So there you go shoeheads, no more excuses for dirty kicks!